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Increase Sales with NLP

Why some salesmen are almost irresistible while others are not. While most sales syllabus concentrate on selling schemes, we teach the understanding of verbal & non-verbal cues the buyer gives about his buying behavior during discussing his tentative purchase.

Every behavior has a structure. With NLP and body language understanding you can elicit the structure of buying behavior of the client you are talking to and create the selling strategy accordingly. This will have much higher chance of closing the sales with that client.

To learn this new way of selling get our 15 hours live online training for just Rs.30,000. Mail us at arihldotcom@gmail.com.

Digestive Hypnotherapy

Why it is that some of us enjoy their meal, eat to their hearts content and at the same time they are slim and fit while others diet, exercise, suffer the pain of starvation to lose weight but cant sustain their shape?

That is because physically fit people have better digestive sensory system. If you are suffering from obesity, just improve yours and enjoy the result while also enjoying the food.

To learn this new way of reprogramming your mind for fitness get three digestive hypnotherapy sessions of three hour each for only Rs.10,000.

Or (limited time offer) join our fitness hypnotherapy club to get 6 months support on digestive hypnotherapy and motivation programming with four sessions per month and continuous online support on WhatsApp for only Rs. 30,000. Mail us at arihldotcom@gmail.com. Or WhatsApp at 0333210065.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

If you are a smoker and want to quit it, this program is for you. Many people try quitting this habit without a success. They rely on will power, and will power alone might not work miracles for you. Our hypnotic reprogramming of mind may assist you with that. It is designed after closely observing those who have already done it.

Understand the mindset of those and quit this habit for good. Get this hypnotherapy and join our X-Smokers club for just Rs. 30,000. Mail us at arihldotcom@gmail.com.

Vibrant Relations

If you are asked to choose between your relationship with your spouse or your happy life, what will you choose? Why not Both?

Modern research has found out that it is not only possible but also necessary to have healthy relations in order to enjoy life fully. After years of observations psychologists have found few tweaks in thinking and mindset to fully enjoy vibrant relations.

To improve your family life send us email at arihldotcom@gmail.com. Our staff member will contact and design the most effective plan for it.

Career Coaching

What is my passion? What to do next? What should i become?

Wether you are studying or seeking marker for yourself, these questions always rack your mind requiring opinion.

Meet our experts and design your future. Send us email at arihldotcom@gmail.com. Our staff member will contact and design the most effective plan for it.

Student's SOS

Modern mind sciences such as NLP & Mind Maps teach us how we can score more out of our studies. With newly developed tools and techniques you can program your mind to increase your interest in studies improve your memory and retentive power.

To learn more about how you can boost your study performance contact us at arihldotcom@gmail.com. Our staff member will contact and design the most effective plan for it.

Help Your D.I.D Clients

If you are a Psychologist helping clients with Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.) or a Psychiatrist dealing with resistant D.I.D Client or even if you are an exorcist, or a musical healer healing the same clients, this new NLP based approach can drastically improve your results.

If you are a student of psychology interested in this subject, this course will give you deep insight of how it is done in healing markets of the east.

D.I.D. also known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is perceived very differently in Pakistan. Luckily we have developed a very unique NLP Model after studying and integrating western practices and the practices of local healers that can help you deal with such clients in local community, break through their resistance and attain fast recovery.

To learn this new model get our 90 hours live online training for just Rs.130,000. Mail us at arihldotcom@gmail.com.

Business Coaching

Imagine the business acumen wisdom of top richest and most successful business people flowing into you. Wait! is it possible?

With modern art of NLP Modeling, many businessmen and successful people have been studied and their success strategies well documented. Following those models, anyone can be taught to make their business flourish and thrive using the strategies of those tycoons.

Meet our experts and get one to one coaching. Send us email at arihldotcom@gmail.com. Our Staff member will contact and design the most effective plan for it.

Enjoy What You Do

Have you ever imagined what life it would be if you enjoy whatever you do. Just look around you, you will definitely notice people already doing that and they are doing it effortlessly.

How they do it?

The answer is simple. Their brain is wired that way. Luckily NLP can help us achieve that. If you are student and preparing for exam or learning new business, this sensory feedback will not only help you live your life to the fullest, it will also boost your performance and create craving for more positive work.

Do you want to learn it, contact us at arihldotcom@gmail.com. Our staff member will contact and design the most effective plan for it.