Digestive Hypnotherapy

Shed Your Extra Weight

Why it is that some of us enjoy their meal, eat to their hearts content and at the same time they are slim and fit while others diet, exercise, suffer the pain of starvation to lose weight but cant sustain their shape?

Statistics have shown that physically fit people have better digestive sensory system, while those who try “will power” based sliming techniques such as dieting and short term exercise plan either give up half the way or have hard time retaining their shape.

Getting slim and remaining fit should not require persistent will power. I had cola addiction for 20 years. If you ask me if I ever quit wanted to quit it? I would say yes and I did it several dozen times, the problem is not quitting cola but training the taste buds so that it is no longer craved. Today I don’t drink cola because I don’t like its taste any more.

Human mind has hard wired system to eat less junk food and enjoy healthy food but unfortunately some of us get this system corrupted and end up consuming more food than we need. By the time a person consciously realizes that he/she has extra fat hanging all over their body they don’t know how to shape up again and end up following drastic measures like dieting and following temporary exercise schedules. These methods may result in temporary weight loss but are not good for retaining the shape because they require persistent will power.

Now will power alone can not solve this problem because will power by its definition is ability to control yourself. Of course one can control oneself for short time but if he/she tries to make it lifelong mechanism for remaining fit against inner temptations to enjoy unwanted food, it will exhaust and when it does, one will regain extra lumps of fat in no time.

Naturally fit people on the other hand, have a better digestive sensory system. They enjoy their food, eat whatever they like, they sometimes eat even more than the fat ones and yet they are always fit. They may seem to eat a lot sometime and not so much other times but their brain is programmed to maintain energy in and out balance without even realizing. They need no will power at all and enjoy both food and their fit body without a sweat.

If you are suffering from obesity, nothing to worry about as experts have found ways you can reprogram your dietary senses so that you too can enjoy food to your hearts content and at the same time remain perfectly shaped up and healthy.

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